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Diplomas en Opleidingen

Diplomas and advanced  education

1985 Applied Kinesiology

1985 Dynamics of Total Body Modification  – TBM   Dr. V. Frank

1986 Doctor of Chiropractic  Palmer College of Chiropractic

1986 Certificate of Proficiency in Chiropractic X-ray

1987 Clinical neurophysiology and neuropathology of the spinal                                             motor unit

1987 Ayurvedic Vademecum

1988 National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (USA)

1988 Clinical management of infants  (Pediatrics)

1988 Temporomandibular disorders   –   London

1988 Food allergy, chemical sensitivity and prostaglandin                                        imbalance   –  Dr. M Leibovitz

1989-1990  Fellowship course International Academy of

                           Medical   Acupuncture    –     F.I.A.M.A.

1990 Clinical Kinesiology – CK  – Dr. A. Beardall

1990 Applications in human nutrition –  Dr M. Murray

1990 Bioenergetic synchronization technique -BEST – Dr. Morter

1990 Allergies and the spine – AK –   Dr. W Schmitt

1990 Marma therapy –  Dr. David Frawley

1990 Geotran    Dorothy Espiau

1990 Immune system links – AK –   Dr. W. Schmitt

1990 Dynamics of Total Body Modification  – TBM –  Dr. V. Frank

1990 Neurological hierarchy in functional problems –

            Dr. W. Schmitt

1990 Neural Organization Technique- NOT- basic-  Dr. Carl Ferreri

1991 Contact reflects analysis (CRA)-  Dr. Versendaal

1991 Clinical management of children (Pediatrics)

1991 Methods of traditional Chinese diagnosis  TCM

1991 Neuro Emotional Technique  NET   Drs. S&D Walker   

1991 Applied Kinesiology for chronic postural problems – AK

1991 Clinical application of Hara reflex zones; Autonomic and                              Endocrine  dysfunction with Japanese acupuncture   

               Kiiko Matsumoto     Oak Park, IL

1991 Advanced dynamics of total body modification    TBM   

            Dr. V. Frank

1992 The Bioset system   Apex energetics

1992 Advanced pediatrics    Dr. Cohen

1992 Traditional Chinese Herbology – TCM    Benedict OMD

1992 Human biodynamics

1992 Itching, twitching and switching – Functional Neurology –

              Dr. W. Schmitt      Los Angeles, Ca

1993 Psychobiology of digestion

1993 The nervous system monitors, interprets and

              responds to any change  in the body 

               Drs. Goodheart & Schmitt   Detroit, Mi

1993 Hepatic detoxification and gut permeability –

            Functional Medicine

1993 Potpourri of past & present   –  AK  –

            Drs. G. Goodheart & W. Schmitt

1993 Total Body Modification  – Advanced TBM – Dr. V. Frank

1993 Clinical application of immune modulation –

             Functional Medicine

1993 Managing the patient with chronic fatigue – Dr. K. Sehnert 

1993 Homeopathy and the meridians  – Dr. Luc De Schepper 

1994 Electro meridian imaging / Auriculotherapy

1994 Neuro Emotional Technique – NET –  Dr. S. Walker

1994 Peak immunity with Homeopathy – Dr. Luc De Schepper 

1994 National center for Homeopathy conference    Chicago, Il

1994 Advancement in clinical nutrition – Functional Medicine

1994 Alternative health conference – Drs J. Wright, Mauer, Farr

            Nassau, Bahamas

1994 Chiropractic and the dorsal horn –  Dr. D. Seamen

1995 Advanced Neural Organization Technique – NOT – 

            Dr. Carl Ferreri

1995 Applying new essentials in nutritional medicine –                                                                Healthcom Seminars

1995 Muscles move bones – Drs. Goodheart and Schmitt                                                            Detroit,Mi

1996 Auriculotherapy and electroacupuncture  – Terry Olson PhD

1996 Reading body language – AK – Dr. G. Goodheart

1996 Diplomate of Homeopathy – Di. Hom.    Dr. Trevor Cook

1996 Chiropractic manipulation of Extremities –  Dr. Burns

1996 Ayurveda – Applications

1996 Neuro Emotional Technique – NET –  Drs. S.& D. Walker 

1997 Basic Reflex Analysis    Dr. Michael Treinen

1997 Environmental stress management  –  ESM

1998 Improving genetic expression in the prevention

            of the diseases of aging –   Functional Medicine

1998 Advanced treatment of immunological deficiencies with 


1998 Functional medicine for rheumatoid arthritis –

            Dr. R. Roundtree 

1998 Bio therapeutic drainage and Miasms   Dr.  G.Gueniot 

1999 Improving intercellular communication in managing chronic                       illness    –   Functional Medicine

1999 Homeopathy and bio therapeutic modalities  – Dr. G.Gueniot 

2000 Neural and humeral modulation    Dr. Chris Smith

2000 Management of fibromyalgia – Drs. Abraham and Flechas 

2000 Advanced Neural Organization Technique – NOT –

              Dr. C. Ferreri

2001 Glandular dysfunction in general practice

2001 Nutritional neuroendocrinology/Anti-aging –   J.Bland PhD

             Functional Medicine

2002 Homotoxicology: Infectious disease and allergies – 

               Dr. G.Bauer 

2002 Breakthrough approaches for improving adrenal and

               thyroid function   – Functional Medicine  – J.Bland PhD

2002 Advances in managing chronic illness  – Functional Medicine

2002 Homotoxicology and the neuroendocrine system –

             Dr. Alta Smith 

2002 Managing chronic illness associated with environmental                             toxicity   –   Dr. R.Roundtree      – Functional Medicine

2003 Advanced Neuro Emotional Technique  NET –  Drs. Walker

2003 Nutritional support for metabolic biotransformation –                                             J.Bland PhD   –    Functional Medicine

2003 Advanced clinical nutrition    Dr. M. Dobbins

2004 Nutrigenomic modulation of inflammatory disorders –                                              J.Bland PhD     –  Functional Medicine

2005 Advanced Neural Organization Technique – NOT 

              Dr. C. Ferreri

2005 Applying nutrigenomics in clinical practice – J. Bland PhD

              Functional Medicine

2005 Comprehensive clinical protocols for integrated healthcare

              Dr. R.Jaffe  –   Chicago, IL

2006 Pediatric Integrative Medicine Conference 

              PANGEA –  Northwestern University  Chicago, IL

2006 Neurobiology of mood and cognitive disorders   

              Dr. J. Lombard 

2006 Predictive genomics for personalized medicine –  Genova Dx

2006 Advanced nutritional strategies for autoimmune disease

                J.Bland PhD  –    Functional Medicine

2007 Longevity with Physiological Regulating Medicine 

              Prof. Eugenio Sanseverino  –  Accademia di Medicina                                                        Biologica

2007 Beyond metabolic syndrome  –  J. Bland PhD –   

               Functional Medicine

2007 Nutritional strategies  –  Dr. R. Rakowski

                Functional Medicine

2008 Retained Primitive Reflexes –   Dr. Blumenthal

               Functional Neurology

2008 Emerging therapeutic targets in chronic illness – 

               J. Bland PhD  –    Functional Medicine

2008 Hypnotherapy certification for doctors –  Dr. L. Gupta

2008 The psyche in Chinese medicine & Advanced tongue                                                        diagnosis

             Giovanni Maciocia  – Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

2008 Quintessential applications –   Drs. Schmitt & Mc Cord                                                     Functional Neurology

2009 Complementary Medical Hypnotism  –   Rev. S.Giles

2009 Nutritional strategies for mood and cognition

2010 The forgotten pillars of Oriental Medicine – Drs. Merritt                                                     Milwaukee, Wi

2010 Medical hypnotism certification program  S. Giles

2010 Bridging Lifestyle medicine and systems biology  

               J. Bland PhD  –   Functional Medicine

2011 Mastering fundamentals of AK –  Dr. Robert Blaich

2013 Lifestyle Medicine Summit- Women’s health   Chicago

2013 Talking to your genes –   Bill Shaddle    Epigenomics

2014 Advanced  AK –  Dr Tim Francis

2015 Sacro Occipital Technique – CMRT –  Davenport ,Io

2015 Methylgenetic nutrition – Dr. Dunn –  Epigenomics

2015 ICAK-USA Conference  –  AK  – Oak Brook,IL

2016 Psychology, personality and Oriental Medicine 

               Eric Baker MSOM

2016 Understanding Genetic defects in Methylation and their                      role  in  chronic  disease   –  Chicago,IL    Epigenomics


Cursussen en lezingen door Pieter Van Heule 

Courses and lectures by Pieter Van Heule

1993 “Take a Body-Mind-Spirit approach to wellness”  – lecture

1995 Holistic Healthcare for Children

1995 Oak street Market Seminar series

1995 Oakton Community College – lecture – 

1999 “Healing yourself with the Chinese Five Elements”

              Series of workshops and classes 

2000 “The healthy choice” –  lecture     

2000 Complementary and Alternative Medicine lecture series:

               Argonne National Laboratory

2003 Cooking with Dr. Van Heule  – Cooking Class

Whole Foods Evanston, IL

2005 “What is food”       lecture      Chicago , IL 

2006 “Dialogue between Chiropractic and Allopathic medicine”

                Integrative Medicine Initiative     Chicago, IL

2006 ” Integrated Pediatric Medicine ”   

              Integrative Medicine Initiative     Highland Park, IL

              Dr. T. Bark & Dr. Pieter Van Heule

2006 “Holistic approaches to healing in children” – lecture

             Chicago , IL

2006 Pediatric Integrative Medicine Conference -Pangea

             “Chiropractic medicine in pediatric practice”

2008 Pediatric neuro-oncology conference  “Perspectives in                                     Epigenomics”       

              lecture    –     Chicago, IL   

Science and Spirituality Series:

2008  “Decoding E=mc2”

2008  “Karma or Genetic determinism”

2008  “Growth vs Change”

2009  “Herein and Hereafter”   

               Ramaa Krishnan &  Dr. Pieter Van Heule

2010 “So you think you have a healthy diet” -lecture

               Dr. Pieter Van Heule  at Full Bloomed Lotus   Wilmette

2010 “Food and Mood“- Class  – Dr. Pieter Van Heule

               Full Bloomed Lotus , Wilmette, Il

2012 “Myth buster cooking classes”   Dr. Pieter Van Heule

              Whole Foods Northbrook, IL

2014 ‘Muscle testing: How does it work?’  lecture

             Drs C. Matusiak and Pieter Van Heule   Wilmette, IL

2015 ‘Back to school wellness’  Drs. C. Matusiak & P. Van Heule,

             A. Waltman FNP and R. Holcomb CHC   Wilmette, IL   

2016 “The microbiome” –  lecture   Evanston garden club



Radio programmas:


TV appearances:

2006  ‘Inner quest’ Television  – talkshow



2004 – 2006  Professional advisory board member of Integrative medicine  initiative at Children’s Memorial Hospital

Contributions in print: Gentle flower essences are getting respect as holistic   remedies –  June 16, 1998     Chicago Tribune